But enough guys knocked in runners that we won just fine

But enough guys knocked in runners that we won just fine.Brad Lidge, by the way, has lowered his ERA to 3.45… Interesting that it hasn’t seemed to decrease the number of fans who desperately want him OFF this team, not sure why.Well, actually, I AM sure why you see, it is possible he might could give up runs in the future, so best to replica Chopard 207469-5001 watch get him out of here before he does and replace him with some guy from the minors, who is sure to be better at getting ML players out.Richard Justice thinks a trade is in the works, so I am hoping they trade away all the players the fans detest Jason Lane, Mo Ensberg, Chris Burke and Brad Lidge.

I fugire he's gonna have himself an EASY complete game.Freese, Yadi and Schumaker go down 1,2,3 and I figure that this here game is about ovah.So I'm sitting, holding Jana Brattain Dog kind of draped over my right arm, with my scorebook on the replica Bvlgari BZ22BSL Ladie's watch table to my left, and I go to get up and she protests.Guess she wants to watch the rest of the game.OK, I'm easy.Besides, I'm not gonna be able to hold that Dog for real too much longer because she is gonna be a BIG Dog like her Mama.And her Daddy…So then something amazing happens.

Daddy tryin not to sulk in front of his kids.YOU know yesterday how I was talkin bout expecting to win well, the guys really had their act together tonight no screwups with the gloves, only 4 guys LOB.Now we gotta go back out there and do this for Brandon Backe tonight…Let's try for a W to break the long long losing streak again…Roger replica Rado R13334122 Ladie's watch Clemens vs Brett Tomko, RHP(all stats from thebaseballcube, espn and yahoo)Clemens vs SF: 2-0 in 2 GS ( 1 at the Box, the other at SF) with 6 BB and 18 K in 15 IP with a 1.20 ERA, 0,93 WHIP and a .160 BAA.

No one wants to hear that some pitcher pitches game after game of QS

No one wants to hear that some pitcher pitches game after game of QS, they wanna hear how many Wins he has after all, his teammates have exactly zero to do with the outcome of any game.I have gotten TONS of emails complaining I don't replica Chopard 278923-3001 watch appreciate Mark Loretta.Certainly I do, I just do NOT want to see him playing SS, ESPECIALLY if Mike Lamb is playing third at the same time.Loretta did a very good job with defense at third see,I CAN say good things about him when he deserves it.A lot of guys were LOB again, including Jason Lane’s 13 pitch bases loaded long fly out.

We've been waiting for Lance to find his stroke and he's just done just that crowd goes crazy.Astros 4 Giants 1.Then Lamb and Ensberg get out.Now Roger has already thrown 84 pitches and you KNOW Husband hoping that the Giants replica Rado R13336182 watch foul off a WHOLE lot of pitches and we hafta have Qualls go out there to try to find his “confidence” and lose some pitches into the stands, but he only needs 8 pitches to get out of the 7th and 12 more to get out of the 8th you can tell the Giants have already given up.And you know Roger’s a hittin machine and hits a clean single in the 7th with 2 out crowd goes Krazy.

Taveras hasn’t really had too much success getting on base unless he bunts, the Giants KNOW this, and even with 2 out, they playin at bunt depth, but he lines out to SS.And coming on for the save, it’s 54.So we gonna see BRAAD or drab?And it’s replica Rado R20381152 watch most definitely BRAAD!Slider is slidin like in the old days, FB back at 97, 98.I wonder if closers come out with a different attitude in the save situation and it affects their pitching…Kids are all jumping up and down and cheering.Husband is figgering he shouldn’t have bet against Roger, and 2 son sez, impatiently, Daddyy, we won, we won.

He does give up a double to Durham the next inning

He does give up a double to Durham the next inning, followed by a RBI double by Ellison (that guy looks GOOD he’s FAST and looks like a better CF than Grissom) but that’s all she wrote for the Giants,?because although Roger gave up 3 more hits, he struck out 6 more and didn’t walk anyone.In the 5th, Adam Everett doubles that boy can run replica Rado R13332142 watch everybody talk about Taveras, but Everett ain’t real too far behind, then Ausmus singles him in.Tie score.I smirk at Husband.Next inning, Tomko, who has been doing pretty well, is on his third time through the lineup and guess our guys are reading him well even though his FB is still at 95, but his breakers must not be breaking,?

because Palmeiro singled on a changeup away, then Biggio hit the slider 360′ into the Crawford Boxes guess Tomko threw him one too many he got him out on one the first inning, threw him 4 more in the 4th (walked him on one) and I guess he knew it when he saw it.Astros 3 Giants 1.I sez to Husband, you KNOW mah boy Roger ain’t letting replica Rado R20457152 watch one get away.He squirms a little.Then Berkman, who has been getting the shaft from the HP ump all night on borderline outside pitches, hits a hanging curve into the RF bullpen.

He EARNED that Gold Glove.In the 5th, Blum, getting a start at third, singles, Manzella hits into a FC, then for some reason I do NOT get, Mills calls for the hitnrun with CASH at the plate you know, the guy who can't hit at ALL, and Manzella is a dead duck at second.There's no WAY I'm gonna believe that Manzella decided to pull that one replica Bvlgari AL38TAVD/SLN Men's watch on his own against Yadi Molina, when he isn't exactly Mr.Base Stealer.Cash, naturally, is out, and it would have been another GIDP 5-4-3 anyway.Then Ludwick singles, and Uncle GIDP (it wasn't HIS day neither, thank goodness) and Holliday grounds out.Penny needs 7 pitches in the 6th to mow down 3 hitters.

Too many of the local press are still sucking up to a certain ballplayer I won’t name

s too, and I sure can put 2 and 2 together and I get 22.Too many of the local press are still sucking up to a certain ballplayer I won’t name, saying we shouldn’t begrudge him earning what he can however much it is.I’m not.Really, I’m not.I wouldn’t begrudge him signing a 250 mill contract to play for 5 more years, no matter WHO he signed it with. replica Chopard 27 8477bl watch ain’t the amount of money that offends me or even him wanting to get constant cameras mikes in his face.I would give him the props if he had the balls to say look, I want every penny I can get and they are offering me a LOT more pennies.

Well, mercifully for the Astros.So there are TWO runs which should never have scored in the first place and the Astros are behind 3-2.In the 4th, Penny needs 8 pitches to mow down Berkman, Lee and Pence.Pathetic.Schu singles, Ryan pops up (toldja it wasn't his day), then Schu goes to second on a WP, then Penny, squaring to bunt, pulls the bat back replica Bvlgari BZ22WSL Ladie's watch and pokes a single into center.Schu runs hell bent for leather around third, but is dead meat at the plate when Bourn throws him out.He leads the league in assists.His arm isn't quiiiite as strong as Pence's,? but he's very accurate.

Well, we got to the Box an HOUR early to make SURE we got our Jimmy Wynn “figurines” sorry, I had thought it was a bobblehead the boxes were pretty big and Husband had to run back to the car to take the boxes back, so kids and I wandered around.It was still pretty hot out in the seats with the roof open, so we got to our seats around 5:30, then Husband suddenly “remembered” he needed a scorecard or something from The Shed (he's not replica Rado R13432212 Men's watch foolin me, it's AC in there) and kids are delighted to discover that we are sitting next to 2 mamis and their 4 little girls.One mami is teaching her 10 year old to keep score, the other tells the kids how cute they are, and 1 son tells her you so pretty.


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